I'm Andreea.

Freelance Content Writer with 10+ years of experience in journalism, brand blogging and content marketing writing.

We’re digital natives, more than ever. Technology is like our second home. Our habits change. The content we consume today has also changed. But we still work based on simplicity and meaning. We starve for connection.  And that’s what brands and businesses need to do more: putting people first – and show them that. That’s where my skills kick in. As a strong believer in the power of words and education to grow a community based on ethics, sustainability, knowledge-sharing, honesty, and empathy. If you start with the same foundation, let’s build something transformative and everlasting together.
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good content, good business

chapter I

Blog & SEO Content

You are the skillful provider of your audience, but you want more customers and allies who could benefit more of your resources and services. You have to grow your reputation in the online world and guide your loyal audience to the right place – your amazing project.

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chapter II

Long-form & In-depth articles

You’re the expert sage who wants to share his proven knowledge, expertise and useful insights with all the people in search of well-researched information. Let’s walk them through interesting, easy to understand and relevant stories that will make a difference – for you and for them.

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chapter III

Brand Copywriting

As the explorer of digital realms, you’re ready to conquer the world through smart solutions, an inspiring user experience and superior know-how. You just need a compelling visual story with a strong message for your people. As they find themselves in that engaging story, they’ll connect to your brand to find more contentment in their life.

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chapter IV

Social media & other bits

You just want to make it happen – your biggest dream, your greatest project. First steps are important and so does your fresh presence out there in the digital world. A bit of social media to grow awareness, a bit of documentation to build your project, a bit of editing, a bit of everything – I’m here to make a plan.

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Andreea is a delight to work with! On top of being willing, open and engaged throughout the entire work process, she proves to always be reliable. We’ve been working together on several copywriting projects, either for social media posts, or for website content and I loved having her by my side along the way. Being an entrepreneur and freelancer myself, I’ve always searched for special people to surround myself with. I needed talented professionals to work by my side, so that we could all feel confident in the communication projects in the end. Andreea was all that for me and I would love to have her on my team again for new challenges.

Mădălina Săvulescu

Andreea is not quite 100% part of her generation. She likes to write by hand. She likes people and strives to understand them, to fill her own universe with what they have best to offer. I’m so glad this woman was part of the OK! Magazine team for four years as an extremely talented and involved editor, both for the print and online media. When she became our photo editor as well, her aesthetic spirit helped us find the right pictures for our stories, while growing into a young and ambitious team helped her to easily adapt to everything, including deadlines and working under pressure. Andreea has a sensitivity that doesn’t make her vulnerable, but special to the tip of her pen. Her emotions betray goodness, while her tolerance is a form of innocence you no longer meet today. It’s not easy to discover her, but she’ll leave a trace of almost mystical talent when she disappears from your everyday universe because you had grown fond of her. Somehow, you’ll feel that something is missing from your life. In the end, Andreea must be kept as she is, so I am really glad she chose the freelancing journey.

Elena Stoichiță

We’ve been working for some years and I still appreciate I can count on you, even when the deadlines are so tight! I liked how you always do your thorough research and your work is already 95% by the time I get the chance to take a look at it. That’s mainly because of your super-analytical skills (a little too super, sometimes). Besides being so dedicated and organized, you made time to be the cool girl in our IT crew and manage us when needed, besides being our client communication genie, content manager and storyteller. I also appreciate our workflow – discussing our projects weekly, which you prioritized and completed without needing my help, most of the time. When we talk about the “why” behind each project, everything goes much better. I plan to implement this workflow with others, too. On a personal note, I can’t overlook the fact that you stopped doubting yourself  and started to come up with new ideas and perspectives, which helped us improve our business. For anyone who thinks “done is better than perfect” and believes in honest communication, feedback and well-done work, Andreea is your go-to girl!

Bogdan Chiș