I love my cat. This is Grish, by the way.

I’ve been in love with writing since I was a child. I used to steal newspapers from my father to look at those beautiful strings of letters without understanding anything (I was little!). I promised myself I would become a social journalist who will change people’s lives.

Although I’m more humble now, t I have similar goals. From a stubborn, naive idealist who wanted to do everything at once and gave 200% to prove perfection, now you have a curious content writer who’s still passionate and driven, but much more flexible, empathetic, disciplined and wiser, I hope! And a bit selective: I care about meaningful stories, so I choose projects depending on their values, integrity and goals.

And I still guide myself by that wonderful feeling of connection that crosses all boundaries. I’ve chosen freelancing to spend more time doing things related to that: reading a lot, sharing insights, talking to people about what makes them content, researching & writing in-depth articles and stories for businesses that pursue educational, impactful goals for their communities.

Basically, I love helping others by doing what they need: great writing. And this is my contentment.

Storyteller & Project Manager

Web design & development agency for clients around the world
  • Researching & writing in-depth articles, longform content, stories and portfolio cases or studies for the company’s website
  • Copywriting for online and print materials (brochures, flyers), as well as for related brands (www.inovium.ro; www.medshop.ro)
  • Managing the internal communication and handling the team
  • Gate keeper and storyteller of the company culture
  • Managing social media accounts for the company and other brands, as well as job ad campaigns
  • Brand management (concept and copywriting for the company’s visual identity for presentations, brochures, internal documents and guides)
  • Project management for Romanian and international projects (communication with the clients and the team; concept proposals and copywriting tasks)
  • Acting as client manager when needed (being the interface between web designers and coders and clients)
  • Performing HR tasks like offering support in recruiting, communicating with the candidates, offering support during accommodation and organizing internal/external events etc.

Junior social media manager

Client service-oriented hub of professionals for digital services
  • Created social media posts based on a weekly plan for Zir-Fos brand
  • Concepts for Facebook campaigns and contests

Content writer & photo editor

Bimonthly magazine specializing mainly in royal and celebrity news
  • Writing news and short or midform articles, but also researching & writing in-depth articles as main stories for both online and print magazines
  • Interviewing Romanian celebrities for print features
  • Managing business relationships with photo agencies
  • Handling the photo selections for both online and print magazines

Content writer & PR responsible

Online shop specialized in natural products, herbs, nutrition and supplements; online magazine on related topics
  • Managed the relationship with suppliers and clients
  • Managed partnerships with bloggers for different campaigns
  • Wrote short or longform articles on various topics for the online magazine
  • Managed PR campaigns and materials
  • Handled copywriting tasks for products advertisement
  • Social media management

Travel Content Writer

Travel agency
  • Researching & writing longform, in-depth articles about travel destinations

Editor – collaborator

Weekly magazine on society and culture
  • Translated, adapted and edited various features from English to Romanian on various social topics
  • Researched, interviewed people and wrote themed articles for print and online magazine

And some valuable content writing experience in arts & fashion, travel and lifestyle as well 😎