This is my dearest project of all because it’s mine! The concept, the branding, the content were all part of the hard work I put into this project on mythology and folklore. I couldn’t have done it without the help and talent of awesome Iuly Vasile, who created most of the illustrations, the logo and brand design.

I wanted to share more of the main concepts, vital meanings and hidden symbols expressed in myths and folklore. These stories are all connected to the primordial myth beautifully described in the comparative mythology book “The Hero with a Thousand Faces”, written by Joseph Campbell. One of my favorite books, by the way. I strongly recommend it to anyone who’s interested of his own journey in this world and others’ cultures. I think these myths or old stories, along with the modern reinterpretations, can unveil hidden parts of our lives, habits and our soul.

A personal project on mythology and folklore, and psyche

The purpose is to share interviews with artists, as well as in-depth articles and research topics – my favorite type of writing. The entire content provides useful information, as well as surprising stories and hidden meanings of the most popular tales and creatures in the world. That includes Romanian folklore and customs, as well as fascinating tales from other cultures. All have something in common in this collective imagination, but I’ll let you discover that 🙂

Everything we think, speak or do revolve around human connection and forms of love. Starting and closing the circle. Death and Life in an endless playful role-play.  What is different somehow is how human beings can perceive the inner self and the world around them through so many creative, curious, stubborn, superficial, wise or naive perspectives and systems of belief. Our imagination and also our consciousness revolve around finding meaning and purpose in an awe-inspiring cosmos.

What I had to do for this project:

  • The website structure and pages
  • Brand creation
  • Copywriting
  • Blog content
  • Social media content

You can take a peek at here. At the moment, the website is in a relaunch stage (it is not updated yet).

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