Well, the collaboration started with the Vertify agency has been incredible! Not just that I met so many skilled and open-minded people in the industry, but also learned so many things about content creation and digital PR, media campaigns and strategy for so many different clients!

Vertify is a search marketing agency specializing in technical SEO audit services, content marketing strategies, online PR and search engine optimization, especially for Romanian and USA e-commerce brands.

That’s why I had the amazing chance to work for new and major clients from various industries, such as education, IT and tech, sports apparel and accessories, home and deco, hair care and beauty, apparel and footwear, bookstore and many more.

Main content-related tasks I had to work on:

  • Digital PR campaigns that generate link building (writing content for specific PR campaigns, adapting content for different publications, pitching and sharing content projects in the media).
  • Brand blogging & SEO Content creation (research and writing content for blog or commercial landing pages).
  • Writing for different formats, such as blog posts, long-form guides, listicles, how-to materials, editorial guest articles on other sites, using a specific tone of voice and combining creativity with Google data to increase organic traffic and brand authority.
  • SEO & Keyword research using various marketing tools and analytics.

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