Working for eJump has been a major challenge for my professional career and the most enjoyable time spent with an awesome IT crew. I’ve started with the copywriting, blog and social media content, but in the end I’ve tackled content curation, internal communication, HR and some account management and client management tasks as well, so this job was one of the peaks of my career development.

This job offered me autonomy and the chance to try new things, yay!

During my three years at eJump, an awesome web design & development agency for clients around the world, I had the beautiful opportunity to specialize in various types of writing, like portfolio and blog content, social media content, copywriting for different landing pages and brand presentations for clients. But I’ve also got the chance to try new things like videos for different IT projects, gamification platforms, applications and so on. It was hard work, but a fun time spent doing what I love most: creating content that make people content and more driven to pursue their goals and talent.

Main content-related tasks I had to work on (mainly copywriting, blog and social media content):

  • SEO & Blog content – 30+ blog articles related to the IT industry and organizational culture; I’ve worked with our web designer for the visuals as well
  • Social media content – posts and campaigns for job ads for Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter
  • Copywriting for new sections or pages for the website
  • Job descriptions for the Career page and other recruiting websites
  • Copywriting and design guidance for the internal management platform Gândăcel
  • Copywriting for a gamification module on Gândăcel (creative texts and design ideas for 20+ cards)
  • Brand presentations
  • Video presentations (project presentations on YouTube), including an awesome video game-like about team’s highlights
  • Project management and Client management that included design guidance as well
  • HR content-related tasks and internal newsletters, or fun game proposals for the team as well.

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