This project was one of the most challenging ones in the past years, because it belonged to a wholly different industry: I had to handle the branding and copywriting for an IoT company. And the fact that some of my colleagues at eJump became part of the Inovium team added even more excitement to it!

The newly emerged Inovium company wasn’t quite new around here. Their work in the last years for the EPG company expanded so much, that they deserved a big change. And more people in the team, more attention to their talent and proven skills and… their own online place, to say. So when I found out that they became an independent team focused on building agile IoT solutions for big companies in the energy industry (and not only!), I was so nervous! But in a good way, obviously.

The content creation for the Inovium brand

My managers back then allowed me to be in charge of everything content-related for this IoT Romanian company. This meant the branding (together with the designers and coders, of course), the website structure, design brainstorming and, of course, the website copywriting and blog content, the job descriptions, social media content. Also, I created various materials for the Inovium brand, like video presentations of their IoT apps, landing pages, featured articles.

You can take a look at the Inovium website and check their amazing IoT apps there, or here (scroll down to the ES200 brochure, for example). Also, if you want to find out more about one of their latest project development, EPG Intelligent Facilities developed on MindSphere, take a look here

Main content-related tasks I had to work on (one time or regularly):

  • Sitemap, structure and website pages
  • Branding & copywriting for IoT industry
  • Blog content
  • Job descriptions
  • Social media posts and copywriting for the visuals
  • Video presentations – for job ads and projects

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