The Medshop website is another great project I had the chance to work on in the past years. I was in charge with the content related tasks, like the website copywriting and some branding guidelines. I made tons of research and talked with the owners of the app about how their idea started in the first place. The eJump team worked on the development and design of the application.

Medshop is an all-in-one management Romanian app for medical businesses, mainly. Therefore, this web tool had to be versatile, effective and easy to use. But also it needed a dedicated website to present it to potential customers. All in all, this app is a very useful and modern app that allows you to have it all listed and easily managed. This includes the appointments schedule, the finances management, medical history for the patients and many more. And, most importantly, it allows you to add custom modules tailored on your own medical business to ensure successful, cost-effective management.  

Main content-related tasks I had to work on:

  • Sitemap and website structure
  • Branding – guidelines and management
  • Website copywriting

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