One of my dear colleagues at OK! Magazine, a lovely woman and artist, started this great project called Mugs & Bubbles. It was an online magazine with a huge appetite for talent in fashion, photography, music, painting, sculpture, illustration and any other cross-over artistic expression. When she asked me if I wanted to take interviews with artists I like for this project, I was so excited! 

The team grew so nicely and, in the end, we were a bunch of smart and creative people from different industries. But we all loved writing and sharing stories of talented and special people from all over the world. We had the chance to publish plenty of amazing interviews and showcase the artists’ out-of-the-box stories.    

We had only two magazine issues in 2013, unfortunately. Our busy schedule was too much time-consuming and we couldn’t afford to work on the magazine anymore.

Interviews with kind & unusual artists

I was glad to take a few interviews with cool people of Bucharest who were looking to transform the way in which we look at art. From geometric jewelry made from bones and wood to daring portraits of Romanian personalities reflected in detailed paper collages, they all changed the urban landscape. I also met an extraordinary Estonian artist that surprised me not just with his out-of-this-world talent. But he had a special simplicity in his way of doing things and a gentle way of expressing himself. Even Huffington Post and Daily Mail wrote about the hyper-realistic drawings of Heikki Leis. So I couldn’t have been more proud of talking to him! Here is the interview in Romanian.

I will mention another fun interview I had with Andreas Englund. This guy is a former Swedish art director who had chosen to become a fine artist and author of another Superman of our lives.  You can check the interview with Andreas Englund here in English.   

If you’re curious about what we did after all with the magazine, you can check the two magazine issues right here:

Mugs & Bubbles No. 1 

Mugs & Bubbles No. 2

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