This is one of my dearest projects I had the chance to work on, since it’s about healthy habits and nutrition in a modern consumerist culture. The founder of NativeBox wanted to help people gain valuable education on nutrition in a friendly format while simplifying their daily habits and choices when it comes to food and snacks.

It’s also a brand that promotes local products and entrepreneurs sharing the same goal – promoting high-quality food products that are delicious, healthy and easy to incorporate in our lifestyle (always being on the go, right?). The NativeBox products (100% pure nut butter, granola, nuts and seeds, dried fruits with no sugar and many more surprises!) are meant for individuals, as well as for companies wanting to provide healthy lunches and snacks to their employees.

Main content-related tasks I had to work on:

  • Research and long-form blog articles on specific topics to better educate people and also improve organic traffic, in various formats (listicles, guides, news, personal stories)
  • Adapting existing content to SEO guidelines and proper keyword research
  • Copywriting for website pages and product descriptions
  • Creating newsletter content
  • Social media posts (rarely).

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