In 2019, I took the opportunity to collaborate as a content writer with MEDIjobs, a leader in medical and healthcare recruitment in Romania. This proved to be a very fruitful and long-term relationship based on trust – thanks to our common values, work ethics, and honest communication as well.

Being able to write blog content for such niche has helped me gain more knowledge in the medical & healthcare recruitment industry, improve skills and learn new things about client management and content creation, of course.

Main content-related tasks I had to work on:

  • Following a well-thought editorial calendar and using relevant tools to provide informative content using a specific tone of voice (for new and experienced medical professionals, but also managers looking to hire).
  • Creating short and long-form blog content with an intuitive, easy to follow structure on topics such as: starting and building a dream career in the medical field, learning about different healthcare specializations, how to negotiate salaries, practical tips for improving communication with patients and the medical team; industry news on innovation, medical technology, recruitment and so on.
  • Following SEO guidelines and keyword research on various topics.  

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