I help you create the right in-depth content that guides your audience to your meaningful business. They know what they want. What they need from you is a strong community, relevant solutions and thoughtful leadership to be more content as part of your story. Now, what story do you need?

chapter I

Blog & SEO Content

You are: The Skillful Provider

The plot: you’re resourceful, but in need of more customers and allies who could truly benefit from your skills and products. You have to gain a great reputation in the online world and guide your growing audience to the right place – your project.

The Contentment outcome: well-thought, interesting content that provides value to your people and trust in what they need – your products and services. SEO & Blog content is a priority for all serious businesses that want to lead with authenticity, innovation and knowledge on the long term. With a great SEO blog content and a bit of patience, you’ll become the go-to brand for your community.

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chapter II

Long-form & In-depth articles

You are: The Expert Sage

The plot: your epic wisdom and powerful tools are consistent, competitive and innovative. They MUST get to the people in search for more inspiration and real knowledge to improve their lives. How to get there in such competitive world, you might ask?

The Contentment outcome: long-form content, proper research and well-documented stories are loved by Google, aka those people needing inspiration and knowledge from trustworthy brands. You need someone (me) who has strong curiosity and a lot of patience for doing the right research for your projects – it’s pretty important to not f*** up this essential stage of the process. Let’s build interesting, easy to follow, data-driven stories that will make a difference for your people and your business.

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chapter III

Brand Copywriting

You are: The New Explorer

The plot: you’re the freshest knight in shining armor that is looking for an emotionally and intellectually connected audience. Worthy solutions, winning strategies and the most intuitive user experiences are your main advantages in protecting and engaging with people, while getting the crown of success.

The Contentment outcome: strong communication, compelling creative content and a positive experience for your audience is what you need to put yourself out there as the winner. Whether they’re your loyal or new, your people need all the benefits you can provide. Let’s cater to their needs and wants with genuine, smart copy throughout a meaningful and relevant brand story.

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chapter IV

Social Media & Other Bits

You are: The Determined Dreamer

The plot: you have the big Idea of your project, but you need more stamina to further pursue your big goals the smart way, in the digital world. You want a bit of social media, a bit of documentation, a bit of editing, a bit of everything.

The Contentment outcome: there may be 50 shades of content. Here we may talk about social media presence, presentations or other writing pieces that may get you out there in the wild online world. Even though I’m not an expert level in social media or other miscellaneous content, I have some extra skills besides my passion and curiosity, learning mode and researcher skills. If you just want to try something content-related until you find out what’s best suited for you, I’m here to help.

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